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Hi, my name is Joe Felton and welcome to my website. I specialise in all things Videography, and based in both Cardiff, South Wales and Staffordshire, Midlands. With being in the creative media industry for over 10 years, I’m a fully professional and experienced  content creator, whose able to bring your ideas from script to screen.

Having established my own production company, Harvey Pro Media Productions Ltd in April 2014, I’ve worked with a variety of different clients across the UK, creating content from personalised promotional videos, to cinematic wedding films. 

In April 2019, timing with the 5th anniversary of setting up Harvey Pro Media, I decided to have a rebrand, as I wanted to give my company a more personalised and independent feel. Changing the name, direction and feel to reflect myself and my style more as an individual, rather than a larger scaled business. 2019 will also see myself adapting into the world of Photography, where I will be building up my portfolio ready to show to clients and compliment my Videography. 

Not only  do I work behind the camera, but I also work in front of the camera, as an actor and supporting artist for a number of BBC, ITV and independent productions. I’m currently playing a regular background nurse on the BAFTA award winning BBC drama Casualty, as well as working on Doctor Who, The Crown, Sherlock, Doctors, Pobol Y Cwm, His Dark Materials and many more. From this I’ve been able to build upon my knowledge and experience within the media industry, helping me to better develop my own video production skills and ideas. 


As a content creator, I pride myself with using the highest quality equipment in creating the best possible products for my clients. 



The Canon C100 Mark 2 is my main camera that I use for all of my filming work, capturing such a crisp clear, cinematic footage, which can be easily worked on in post production. I’m also currently using a mixture of Zoom recorders to record high quality audio for my videos. The combination of these together works wonders in creating such captivating video content.



The Canon R camera is my main camera that I use for all of my photography work, whilst also acting as my second camera for any video work, such as Weddings.

Other equipment I own and have on hand to use includes a number of lighting rigs, such a soft boxes, red heads and L.E.D.s. I also have various backdrops including black, white and green screens. Ak4000 gimbal is used for my videography work, in helping to create smooth movement with the camera.

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